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    Here at Ecospheric we pride ourselves on providing clients with unbiased, bespoke advice, tailored to specific aims and budgets. Creation of holistic renovation plans to reduce bills, improve comfort and lower maintenance costs through the implementation of durable solutions, resulting in healthier internal environments.

  • Do you want to lower your bills
    and reduce emissions?

    With energy prices rising year on year, reducing the consumption of your property is a sensible investment.

  • Do you want a more comfortable
    and affordable environment?

    We can help eliminate drafts, maintain even temperature distribution and make your home warmer all whilst reducing your bills.


Ecospheric is a sustainability consultancy specialising in domestic & small scale commercial eco retrofit.

Every house is unique, even if identical in structure and condition, it will never be occupied in the same manner. A bespoke approach accounting for occupancy is therefore critical.

We work with homeowners, business owners and developers to establish and prioritise the problems and potential in their properties and support them through the build/renovation process.

Why Go Eco?

Why Go Eco?


We offer a range of services to enable clients to make informed decisions based on sound scientific principles; tackling the cause of issues not just remedying against the effects.

HEAT Survey
HEAT Survey
Specifications and Technical Data
Talks & Tours
Talks & Tours

HEAT Survey

  • Home Energy Assessment with Thermographics

A HEAT survey is Ecospheric’s principle approach to the renovation of existing buildings, guiding clients through the first steps of the process.

Over the years we have refined our approach for assessing your existing property and creating a bespoke road map for improvement. We use thermographic and moisture sensing equipment to form a holistic picture of how your property is functioning and combine this with an in-depth client lifestyle interview to produce a detailed list of prioritised recommendations. This service includes:-

On site survey and interview

• Client lifestyle interview to understand the occupancy demands on your property as well as your future plans and budget (circa 2 hours).
• Thermographic and moisture mapping survey to capture the necessary data required to properly analyse the existing condition of the property (circa 2 hours).

Presentation and reports

• Bespoke prioritised recommendations with indicative costs (in an editable format).
• Thermographic and photographic presentation.
• Humidity map.
• Itemised window & door analysis.
• HEAT Support Brochure providing a background of knowledge against which our recommendations are formed.

Final follow up interview

After you have had time to digest the reports, a 2 hour follow up meeting provides an opportunity to ask questions, confirm understanding and lead you through the formation of an outline client specification.

Pricing £490 up to 150sqm (£1 p/sqm thereafter). Travel cost of £1 per mile.

HEAT Survey

Specification & Technical Data

  • Mini Spec

Whether it’s sealing your chimney, insulating your loft, fitting a new roof or other area of defined works, we offer a comprehensive set of instructions and recommendation materials to ensure a job well done.

  • Full Spec

If you're undertaking major renovations, internal remodelling, extensions or building an entirely new house or development, we are able to write a detailed specification that you can submit to tender for accurate quotations and that ensures builders appreciate the techniques, technologies and products that you want incorporated.

POA. Mini Spec ranging between £150-£250. Full Spec based on £50 p/h.

Specification & Technical Data


On-site, at our Show Home or via video call (how very eco!), we are happy to offer advice and support for you and your contractors.

  • Pre-purchase Survey

If you're unsure whether the property you are looking to purchase is an ideal eco renovation project or money pit, we can cast an expert eye and advise on the problems and potential.

  • PAYG Consultancy

We can offer support at any stage in the renovation process helping to identify and prioritise suitable renovation technologies and review plans and progress.

  • Passive Design Review

For extensions, internal remodelling or new builds (clever design can offer considerable improvement (bills, comfort, durability) at no extra cost.

  • Lighting Surveys

Recommend suitable LED replacement bulbs/products based upon payback calculations. Design efficient switching options (general/task/mood lighting) and optimise lighting densities to minimise energy consumption whilst maximising lighting functionality.

  • Tendering with Post-Tender Analysis

After putting together a comprehensive specification, we are able to tender your project, analyse submissions and negotiate on your behalf.

  • Meetings with Contractors/Architects

We will discuss build details and best practice with Contractors and Architects as required.

  • Quality Control

Correct installation is essential for performance and durability. Site visits at key stages enable us to check progress and through the use of thermographics and a trained eye pick up where corners may have been cut. Air pressure testing with smoke investigation also available.

All services based on £60 p/h. Travel cost of £1 per mile.

*If thermographics are required this will cost an additional £30


Talks & Tours

We can tailor tours, presentations and workshops for architectural practices, building firms, local housing authorities, training institutions or interested homeowners.

  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

In this fast paced industry and with the growing complexity in products, specification and legislation it is essential to keep on top of it all. Ecospheric offers bespoke CPD sessions to help you or your company retain that competitive edge, enticing clients with the latest in building physics, technology specification or passive design. We can offer these presentations/workshops at our show home or out of your business premises.

  • Homeowner Group Tours

As well as opening as part of the SuperHomes open days we also open free of charge by appointment if you can get together a group of 5 or more independent homeowners.

CPD bookings are priced at £100 p/h + £45 p/h office based preparation (if required). Travel cost of £1 p/mile. Homeowner group tours are free of charge.

*Tours & presentations at the Show Home may involve an additional £90 towards professional cleaning/preparation. Refreshments provided FOC, maximum of 25 attendees.
**Reduced rates for charitable /community organisations and government training institutions.

Talks & Tours

Our Ethos

Sustainability and energy efficiency are important issues, especially for homeowners. Homes contribute 27% of the UK’s total carbon emissions. New build houses are subject to a wealth of regulations to ensure they meet increasingly strict requirements, but this does not tackle the issue of the existing housing stock. This if of greater concern when considering that 85% of today’s housing stock will still be in existence in 2050. While there is a breadth of measures and recommendations from various organisations, there is little information on their practical application. We seek to bridge this gap and provide homeowners with clear advice, tailored to your property. Sustainability is a complicated practice, yet we value our transparency and will never make a recommendation without fully explaining our reasoning.


Angled Soffit Heat Loss


Blown Double Glazing


Convective Heat Loss Though Chimney


Damp Caused By External Bins


External Door Tracking In Damp"


Horizontal SVP Causes Damp


Fireplace Hearth Infiltration


Flat Roof Thermal Bridges


Loft Hatch Heat Loss


Manual Fan Suffering From Back Draught


Massive Infiltration Through Letterbox


Misaligned PVC French Doors


Penetrating Damp


Single Glazing


Sliding Doors 1980s Double Glazing and Boiler Outlet


Solid Floor VS Suspended Timber

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You've got questions, we've got answers

How long does a HEAT Survey take?

A HEAT survey is a comprehensive process that requires a considerable amount of data input collected from both the property and the occupants. If your property is less than 150m² we would expect 3-4 hours spent on site upfront. This is roughly divided equally between client interviews and measurement of the property. Therefore it should only require two hours of the clients time, although it is best if this time is spent with all the decision makers of the household present. For larger properties you should add approximately one extra hour per 100m². After the survey the report normally takes between 2-3 weeks to turn around, as you can imagine there is so much property specific information that requires analysis and bespoke solutions laying out. If you need a faster turn around please get in touch.

Can I attend your next Show Home open day?

For clients using the HEAT survey service a 1-on-1 follow up meeting based in the show home is included in the price giving you the opportunity to get a private tour of the property. For those of you interested in the free charity open days we run, you can find the next date and register your interest on the SuperHomes website.

What can I do on a small budget?

When attempting to make real performance improvements without major investment there are still many actions that can be taken more focused on occupancy and lifestyle changes. Ecospheric can point out the ‘no-brainers’ and help coach you to a lower cost existance. If the full holistic HEAT survey is out of the price range, then why not use our pay-as-you-go consultancy service to answer your questions and set out your roadmap to improvement.

Is there an alternative to a HEAT survey for new builds?

Ecospheric are regularly involved in the design and specification of new build dwellings and small commercial property. We can be brought in before or after planning and even whilst the project is on site, during construction (although the earlier the better). The beauty of a new build project is that they can be treated as a blank canvas, making holistic design a more simple feat. As such, for the same pricing structure, we create a report ‘off plan’ coupled with client interviews focused on passive design. Through passive holistic thinking we are able to offer significant year round performance benefits and improved thermal comfort without affecting the cost of the project at all. By simply tweaking the plans before a spade hits the ground all of this can be achieved.

What are your office opening times?

Our office is open from 9:30am - 6pm, Monday to Friday. Emails are usually answered within 48 hours unless we are on holiday or over the weekends. When away we will switch on an out of office email and over weekends the 48 hour period commences from the Monday afterwards.

Are there any hidden costs?

One of the most frustrating parts of the construction industry has been hidden costs, VAT, Delivery, Travel etc. Ecospheric believe in transparency and as such clearly outline the costs for every service on this website. For larger bodies of work such as specifications we provide full itemised breakdowns of our charges as estimates up front after ascertaining the scale of the project and our level of involvement and responsibilities. Please don’t hesitate to get in contact if you ever have any questions about our charges.

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